Advising Self-Directed IRA Clients

August 23rd, 2017

1pm PST, 4pm EST

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Frank Selden

Frank Selden Law, PS

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IRAs are a 5.4 Trillion dollar industry. Since market fluctuations in 2008 took a serious toll on IRA balances, more Americans than ever are looking to expand their IRA investment choices. The financial services industry is cranking out more self-directed IRAs (SDIRA) than ever. However, not all SDIRAs are created equally. Specifically, the May, 2013 Peek v. Commissioner decision sobered this fast growing concept and illuminated how important it is for SDIRA investors to know and play by the rules. Join attorney Frank Selden, as he assists practitioners who focus on guiding clients through the legal issues generated when clients gain direct investment control of their qualified funds. Specifically, Frank will reveal the legal issues that both attorneys and CPAs must know to properly counsel clients with SDIRAs.

About The Speaker:

Frank Seldon – is an Estate Planning & Asset Protection Specialist. Most of his clients are a lot like him: entrepreneurial, in charge of their businesses and futures, dynamic, give a high priority to values such as integrity and hard work. They want focused attention when they need it but otherwise just like to say “Hi” now and then. Frank’s goal is to create the premier estate planning and asset protection legal practice on the Eastside of Washington State. To achieve that, their legal products must adhere to three key criteria for every client: be fully understood by the client, accomplish the client’s goals, and work for other professionals to help my clients when they need it.

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